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Building a More Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing Sector

It feels like humanity is running out of time. A day doesn’t pass without another natural catastrophe being attributed to climate change. From wildfires and flooding to hurricanes, droughts and energy disruptions, the signs are everywhere. So, what can be done? What steps can we take to build a more…

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Bringing the Power of Conversational AI to Decision Making

Podcast with Akeel Attar As part of CDM media’s executive insights podcast, host J.D. Miller speaks with Akeel Attar, CEO and Founder of XpertRule, on the evolution of AI and what lies ahead. In this podcast Akeel Attar explains the misconceptions, opportunities, and potential for AI to reshape…

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Conversational AI Just Got Hot!

A few weeks back in early June, XpertRule had the honor of participating at the HFS OneOffice Digital Symposium. This turned out to be a significant milestone for the company. We got the chance to take part in a “Shark Tank” type pitch session with several…

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Emergence expands AI-powered transformation capabilities with XpertRule Partnership

Management consulting firm Emergence Partners today announces a partnership with XpertRule and the expansion of their AI-powered digital transformation toolkit. Decision Maker will combine the Emergence methodology for pinpointing opportunities for automation and digital decision-making, alongside XpertRule’s platform, which can digitally capture, replicate and share human expertise and allow…

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XpertRule Strengthens Management Team to Support Growth Plans

XpertRule today announced the appointment of Pascal Baker to the role of strategic advisor and André Fuochi to VP of global communications and marketing. Both new hires will help support the company’s product development, sales, marketing and branding efforts during a time of strategic growth.   London — June 15,…

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The Next Big Thing in Intelligent Automation has Arrived. Your Digital Advisor is here!

Automating the mundane, repetitive and transactional was only the beginning. The next wave of intelligent automation will see the convergence of several AI technologies including digital decisioning, conversational AI, and explainable machine learning. Together, these technologies will deliver unprecedented capabilities for automating complex, highly personalized and auditable customer interactions. So,…

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