2024 is AI’s breakout year, according to every analyst going.

    Industry leaders from the likes of Morgan Stanley, the WEF, IBM, McKinsey and more are all saying the same thing: it’s time to embrace AI or be left behind. 

    As far as bandwagons go, this is about as big as they come. But before you go jumping on it, we want to make sure you find the smartest and safest AI use cases for your business and your people.  

    After all, we’ve seen this play out before. The endless boom and bust cycle of AI in recent years has left a trail of failed projects in its wake – somewhere between 60% and 80% of them, according to most estimates.

    So while everyone else fumbles around (again) for the right AI use cases, here’s how you can do things a little more intelligently… 

    AI, but more intelligent 

    According to IBM’s new survey of over 8500 IT professionals, the two biggest barriers to successful AI adoption are as follows:

    1. Limited AI skills and expertise.
    2. Too much data complexity.

    In other words, businesses are lacking the ability to assimilate AI into their day-to-day processes. It sounds easy to simply outsource your most important tasks and decisions to AI — until the time comes to actually plug the technology into the data and decision flows that will drive the outcomes you’re looking for.

    Decision Intelligence solves for each of these limitations by helping you integrate AI with the human expertise you already possess. Because it operates via an easy no-code platform, Decision Intelligence allows you to combine all of your expertise and data into new AI-powered decision flows, then deploy them organisation-wide without the need for deep technical skills.

    Think of it like the glue that connects your most important business processes with great business outcomes. All of the decisions that fuel customer experience, operations, and systems and processes are prone to error and limitations when there are gaps in the information available to users. Decision Intelligence plugs these gaps by combining your human logic, AI tools, data and decision flows into one place.

    In doing so, it gives your people — the ones who really understand your business and your industry — crucial oversight over the AI that you adopt, and the ability to build sensible and effective AI use cases. All from one easy-to-use platform. 

    Is 2024 the year of AI? Possibly. But wouldn’t you rather it be the year in which your people reach their full potential, using their expertise to build game-changing use cases?

    Get in touch to find out more about how Decision Intelligence can make all the difference in your AI adoption journey.