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In a highly competitive market environment, telco organisations must compete to meet customer expectations on price and service as well as demand for faster speeds, seamless connectivity and higher bandwidth. Rapid advances in the underpinning technology (such as 5G, and IOT) fuels demand and requires continued investment in network infrastructure and new technologies. At the same time, the telco sector must comply with a complex and extensive regulatory framework that covers: pricing, net neutrality, data privacy and spectrum allocation.

To address these challenges effectively and remain competitive, telcos must be agile, innovative, and adaptive. Embracing digital technologies, prioritizing customer needs, investing in network infrastructure, and maintaining regulatory compliance are critical.

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To be successful in this operating environment requires a sustained focus on digital transformation, a high-performing workforce and a very lean operating environment. Rapid change presents a number of challenges including legacy system integration, cultural shifts, upskilling the workforce, and managing the transition from traditional to digital business models. Operating within this environment of constant change means constant disruption which makes it difficult to deliver a consistent and high quality customer experience, and increases the risk of a regulatory breach, the likelihood of customer churn, lost revenue and damage to brand reputation. solves this by... 

XpertRule uses our advanced decision intelligence solution, to allow businesses to harness the power of their two most valuable assets – the expertise of their people and the predictive analytics in their data. provides a decision intelligence platform that sits over the top of the existing technology estate. It enables telco businesses to capture knowledge and expertise from across the business and harness insights from data to provide decision support to people, enabling them to make consistent, compliant decisions and deliver high standards of service to customers. Key decision-making processes can be automated, enabling customers to receive expert support from virtual assistant agents. can troubleshoot and identify faults within the underlying network and technology infrastructure, enabling these to be automatically fixed. uses explainable and predictable AI that can diagnose how decisions are made, enabling the business to embed data-driven decision-making and continuously improve and optimise the performance of the operation.

The entire platform can be managed and run by business users, and is sufficiently flexible that it can be easily updated and integrated with emerging technologies as well as legacy applications.

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To handle your Telecom sector requirements since we've delivered a large scale, complex project for SFR, read about the project HERE

Super technology augmented by great support

Great to work with a technology provider who is so open and accessible. When exploring our specific issues in our market it was refreshing to find a company who had the enthusiasm and commitment to support the investigation.

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The development team at XpertRule were extremely easy to work with and adept at understanding our business problems. The platform allowed a solution to be built quickly. It has been deployed for an extended period of time with very few issues arising.

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