With their boundless access to vast datasets and ability to generate instantly tailored outputs, it’s tempting to think that simply plugging a large language model (LLM) into your business via an API can solve all of your problems.

    From task automation to customer queries to compliance checks, you’d be hard pressed to find a business process that isn’t a potential LLM use case.

    But while “think big” is the oft-used motto of tech advocates, when it comes to LLM adoption in 2024, there’s a danger in thinking too big. Admittedly that won’t sound as catchy in a keynote, but it’s something C-suites need to hear.

    Deploying an LLM before you fully understand and safeguard its role within your organisation is the surest way to put your business and people at risk. It’s the more measured AI adopters who’ll win in the long term.

    “Small solutions and gradual integration could help organizations utilize the technology without burning cash on moonshots”, wrote Weights & Biases CEO Lukas Biewald in a recent article for the WEF.

    In other words, don’t try to run before you can walk.

    Let’s explore why, and look at how you can adjust your Gen AI approach accordingly.

     Zoom in before you zoom out

    However exciting it sounds, plugging an enormous corpus of AI-powered information into your business — without the proper precautions — carries serious risks and drawbacks.

    • Outputs from language models can be dangerously unreliable without systematic prompt engineering and quality control. LLMs need a foundation in your company’s best practice guidelines, process data and industry expertise to combat these risks.
    • Models aren’t domain-specific, meaning you’ll end up with generic outputs not tailored to your industry and your customers.

    To properly embed Gen AI into your business so that its outputs are both reliable and value-added, the key is to work out how to apply the power of LLMs to the processes and decisions that matter most to your bottom line.

    All of which means that before steaming ahead with AI, you need to map out your use cases and hardwire best practices across all the decisions and processes you hope to improve.

    That way, you’ll be enhancing your existing (and fine tuned) operations, rather than overhauling and replacing them with poorly integrated technology.

     Want to become truly AI-powered? Become decision intelligent first

    Research shows that businesses make up to three billion decisions annually - and the average S&P company loses $250 million annually due to poor decision-making.

    Embedding all of that less-than-optimal decision-making into AI-powered processes would be catastrophic for your bottom line.

    Best to get your house in order first. Decision Intelligence is the platform that helps you understand and refine the decisions and processes that power your business – before you supercharge the wrong ones with LLMs.

    Via workflows all across your business, Decision Intelligence maps the path from action to desired outcomes, and connects the dots from your data analytics to your decisions.

    It enables your people to rapidly capture their knowledge and expertise in an intuitive no-code platform, combine it with predictive analytics and deploy it organisation-wide to automate and improve the quality of decision-making.

    That’s when the fun starts. Integrating LLMs into your Decision Intelligence platform means you can incorporate intelligent decision engineering into your back-office workflows, provide decision services to enterprise applications, and deliver complex front-office interactions via self-service chat and dialogue - all at the same time.

    And with its grounding in your company’s systems and processes, Decision Intelligence can inform your LLM about company guidance so your compliance checks remain watertight.

    With clear use cases and data foundations in place, you can achieve AI adoption with minimal disruption, quick wins, and long term success.

    TL;DR? Don’t just plug your business into an LLM and expect miracles. Transform your business into a decision-intelligent environment for an LLM to succeed within.

    Get in touch to start your Gen AI adoption journey in the right way.