2023 is likely to be remembered as Gen AI’s breakout year in the business world.

    But will your organization remember it fondly, or with regret? That depends. You may have heard that Dictionary.com’s Word of the Year is ‘hallucinate’, due largely to the fact that Gen AI hallucinations – or ‘AI incidents’ as they’ve become euphemistically known – are up 69%, according to Surfshark.

    So while this year has been full of exciting progress, it’s also felt like a free-for-all, with every industry and employee under the sun trying to find out how to use large language models to their favor – to often disastrous results.  

    2024 could do with a little more quality control, and a little less hallucination.

    Here’s where we get to the other breakout technology of 2023…

    The year of Decision Intelligence

    Believe it or not, Gen AI isn’t the only new tech worth shouting about this year.

    Gartner’s 2023 hype cycle placed
    Decision Intelligence in the very same category, labeling it as likely to have a mainstream transformational impact in the next two to five years.

     This is appropriate, because these two emerging technologies complement each other better than mistletoe and wine.

    Whereas Gen AI’s hallucinations are caused by a lack of grounding in common sense (which lead it to blindly extrapolate false conclusions from massive data models), Decision Intelligence excels at anchoring Gen AI use cases in real-world knowledge.

    By capturing and embedding the human logic that language models lack, Decision Intelligence can be used as a Gen AI orchestration platform to validate (or invalidate) hallucinations and crucially keep a human in the loop – namely your domain experts, who can use it to design and optimize knowledge-based workflows.

     Microsoft’s New Future of Work report already ranks Gen AI alongside COVID as a generational change in the way we work. But before we deck the halls, remember that change is only a good thing if it raises, rather than jeopardizes, the quality or reliability of your services.

    So as you wind down for Christmas, perhaps gearing up to embed Gen AI into your business in 2024, make sure you consider the other breakout technology of this year.

    Have a very XpertRule Xmas, everyone.