Delivering a Better Customer Experience Through AI Powered Digital Decisioning.

    Employee attrition is at an all-time high, which will undoubtedly create headaches for organizations of all sizes trying to deliver a decent customer experience. The expertise which is the life blood of any organization is leaking. The agents and knowledge workers vital to ensuring a positive customer experience must be protected and the valuable IP retained. They cannot be taken for granted because there are simply not enough customer service agents with the right skill set available to respond to customers seeking advice through multiple contact channels. Furthermore, the expertise required to deliver such advice is far too complex to automate using chatbots or digital assistants.

    A way to stay ahead of this emerging tsunami and increase the productivity of customer service agents and protect the core competency knowledge and expertise in your business is through using “decision powered customer interactions”. The limitations of technology and stretched resources can be mitigated and even overcome with this new emerging field.

    So, what exactly are decision-powered customer interactions? They are the result of digitally capturing and automating your best agents’ expertise, decision-making, and advisory skills in a way that enables non-technical business users to rapidly capture complex and specialist knowledge. This enhances an organization’s ability to deliver a more tailored self-service customer experience across web, chat, voice, and mobile channels and reduce the cost to serve. By doing so, you can automate the skills required to understand customer problems, circumstances, and needs to offer them the best advice and recommendations.

    This automated expertise moves complex decisions, like approvals, underwriting, churn-propensity or credit ratings from the back-office to the front office, speeding up processes and improving customer experience. By increasing the ability to multi-skill agents and augmenting their knowledge, reduces AHT and increases first contact resolution. It also increases the percentage of demand that can be handled through self-serve channels. You avoid lower response times, multiple hand-offs and ultimately a poor experience for the customer, resulting in higher-than necessary customer churn.

    To highlight what’s possible through decision powered customer interactions, our telco client SFR in France, was able to achieve the following:

    • Inbound customer queries for more than 500 agents across multiple locations including Lyon, Paris, and Marseilles, resolved quickly through automation. These agents provide tech support and troubleshooting across multiple products, services, and languages. XpertRule’s software can automatically handle the customer request to comply with the process defined for that account and prioritize according to the committed SLA.
    • 60% of all inbound support queries are handled end-to-end automatically by the system without any self-service or agent intervention
    • Agents gained access to a 360-view of all customer interactions. All customer interactions were tracked and audited resulting in faster resolution times.
    • The average time to bring a new offer or process to market is less than 2 weeks – from requirements to production.
    • No data-scientists required to manage the system. Anybody from the business with a general understanding of the customer journey and product set can generate the model, predict trajectory of customer spend, define the optimal and sub-optimal outcomes, and design the interventions.


    This is just a glimpse of what is possible. Automation of complex customer interactions brings specialist core competency knowledge to the fore, creating a connection between front, middle and back-office operations that is seamless to the end customer. By automating workflows and decisioning fulfillment actions properly, organizations can for the first time gain a holistic 360 view of all client activities.

    This all ties back to employee attrition and capturing knowledge worker expertise because decision engineering is about automating and leveling-up customer engagements. Decision engineering is at the heart of enhancing customer interactions and delivering a satisfying experience.
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