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Our Intelligent Automation software creates Digital Experts - really smart software robots capable of tackling complex, cognitive business tasks consistently and at scale. When combined with the expertise and reasoning of humans they form an intelligent digital workforce.

Why you need Digital Experts in your workforce

Boost Productivity
Boost productivity

Digital Experts boost the productivity of people, plant and process by automating critical real-time decision-making across your value-chain. Reduce downtime, manual labour and reliance on costly, inconsistent human interventions

Complex Decision Making
Improve service

Digital Experts can be Cognitive Assistants, holding dynamic conversations with customers and employees through multiple channels, using Intelligent skills to improve service, customer retention and workforce effectiveness.

Scale Expertise
Scale expertise

Digital Experts can be replicated and scaled across the Enterprise without the cost and time to recruit human equivalents. Intelligence becomes a business asset which can be invested in, shared and continuously improved.

Manage Compliance
Manage compliance

Digital Experts understand regulations, policies and rules. They apply this expertise to your business processes and interactions, flagging up when your business is at risk and reporting on regulatory compliance.

Companies that calibrate smart hands with smart machines are already achieving higher productivity and superior business results.


Our approach to the Digital Workplace

Built on brains & bytes

The future Digital Workforce combines the best of human expertise, augmented by the power of Artificial Intelligence. Digital Experts are powered by the reasoning and decision making skills of humans, supported by insight derived from data.

The Digital Enterprise

The future Digital Enterprise is no longer segregated by traditional layers of front, middle and back office. Digital Experts create an intelligent "One Office", tacking complex tasks with dynamic integration between humans, production, plant and process.

Digital Experts in action

Complex business tasks are tackled when Digital Experts are trained with intelligent skills. See how organisations are deploying Digital Experts to form part of their workforce

Our Customers & Partners

Alexander Dennis
Hosokawa Micron



We transformed complex knowledge, long held by our individual experts, into a tangible corporate asset.

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The incidence of non-productive cask movements plummeted from 50% to a negligible level of 4%


We have used the XR platform for many years in our business - credit analysis. It has been proved to be highly flexible, stable and productive and is used in our products by customers all over Brazil

Hosokawa No Border
Hosokawa Micron

The benefits are faster resolution of problems, increased equipment up-time & more efficient operation of the plant & equipment.

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