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Automate complex analysis and decision-making using the expertise, data and systems you trust.

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Our cognitive platform

Unlocking growth, unleashing potential

Use our comprehensive, super-smart platform to automate the intelligence of your smartest employees, then enhance with AI and deploy at scale to boost productivity

What our platform can do


More insight from data

Improve expert human decision-making with insight from data, using machine learning to identify patterns and predictions.


Return on investment

Accelerate speed to value with rapid configuration of automation frameworks to fit your business. Typical ROI in Year 1.


Tackle backlogs

Slash processing times by automating decisions normally reliant on time consuming human analysis and decision-making.


Reduce human error

Consistent and regulatory compliant decision-making, based on how your most reliable experts solve complex tasks.

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Our software platform is used to create intelligent automation applications for complex analysis and decision making tasks

We enable automation beyond simple processes and specialise in complexity, with a focus on automating and optimising decision-making and the delivery of expert human advice and guidance as a virtual agent.

To keep things simple, we offer pre-built, sector-specific intelligent automation frameworks for tasks of varying complexity that you can be quickly configured to integrate with your business systems, data and brand.

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