The Decision Intelligence

Thousands if not millions of decisions are made within businesses every day.

Decisions made by people based on skills & experience, by machines based on programming & by data based on insights. Those decisions fuel customer & user experience, operations, systems & processes, impacting the top & bottom line. But those decisions are vulnerable, prone to misunderstanding, limitations & disconnection.

Our decision intelligence software ensures even the most complex interactions are brought together & made both consistent & compliant but also maximise customer choice, optimise resource utilisation & continuously improve quality. We deliver that with two key products:

Decision-intelligence powered customer service powers customer services & employee experiences across Insurance, Financial Services, Telecoms, Retail, Travel & Logistics.

Decision-intelligence powered manufacturing

XpertFactory optimises the performance of manufacturing & plants for Pharma, Chemical, FMCG, Biotech, Energy & Nuclear industries.

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