XpertRule & NEOOPS form partnership to accelerate intelligent automation project for clients


    London — March 2, 2022

    XpertRule (XR) and NEOOPS today announced a partnership that helps bring human and digital workforces together by automating complex workflows requiring decisioning and deep user interactions. NEOOPS, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in designing intelligent automation solutions, will leverage XpertRule’s viabl.ai platform to optimize organizational decision-making by making it possible to digitally capture the expertise of Knowledge Workers, combine it with predictive machine learning and apply it to automate any workflow.

    “Partnering with NEOOPS gives us the added expertise to become part of a broader automation tool set which enterprises are demanding,” says Alex Bentley, Chief Revenue Officer at XpertRule. “We offer a unified low-code, AI-enabled digital decisioning platform that sets us apart from anything else on the market. NEOOPS understands the value and potential of our technology which will help drive sales and awareness of our joint capabilities.”

    The partnership aims to offer a world of possibilities for enterprises that need to streamline complex processes, including:

    • Patented digital decision-making engine supported by multiple AI technologies making it possible to digitally capture best practices, accelerating automation projects.
    • Support for end-to-end digital workflows delivering a real-time and unified 360-degree view of all customer interactions.
    • Use machine learning to enhance automated decisioning with predictive analytics and decision mining.
    • Flexible architecture deployment options including on-premises, cloud or hybrid.
    • No coding required—if there is a change in the business process that a digital worker is performing, the change can quickly and easily be configured with minimal downtime.
    • Supercharging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots as well as digital assistants to push automation boundaries further.


    “NEOOPS is always searching for tools that would significantly enhance the delivery of hyper-automation capabilities to our clients,” says Zdenek Kabatek, Head of Professional Services at NEOOPS. “XpertRule provides the perfect solution for enabling end-to-end automations through AI driven decisioning, supported by a low-code platform. The ability to integrate XpertRule with process mining tools such as Celonis or Blue Prism makes it even more attractive to our customers and prospects.”


    About XpertRule (XR)

    XpertRule is a leading software developer and provider of intelligent automation solutions, which incorporate multiple AI capabilities to streamline and enhance the decision-making process. Founded by AI pioneers and visionaries, the company’s Viabl.ai software makes it easy to automate complex decisions and customer interactions through conversational AI digital decision-making. XpertRule’s customers have used Viabl.ai at scale in many sectors including financial services, manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, and public sector. The company’s goal is to deliver on the promise of intelligent automation. To learn more visit www.xpertrule.com.

    About NEOOPS

    NEOOPS designs automation solutions, implements Blue Prism automation software and builds robotic capabilities for their clients. NEOOPS became the first RPA services provider in continental Europe and is one of the first certified partners of Blue Prism. NEOOPS has have been helping their clients build end-to-end robotic capabilities for over 6 years. During this period NEOOPS has implemented Blue Prism for more than 60 clients. Initially focused on Central and Eastern Europe, NEOOPS now covers the rest of Europe and the US. The key differentiator from other RPA Providers is that NEOOPS help clients to quickly build RPA capability and make them self-sustainable in a short period of time. For more information please, please visit www.neoops.com.