Management consulting firm Emergence Partners today announces a partnership with XpertRule and the expansion of their AI-powered digital transformation toolkit. Decision Maker will combine the Emergence methodology for pinpointing opportunities for automation and digital decision-making, alongside XpertRule’s platform, which can digitally capture, replicate and share human expertise and allow for the automation of complex decision-making processes.


    London – 1 July 2021

    Management consulting firm Emergence Partners today announces a partnership with UK tech firm XpertRule and the expansion of their AI-powered digital transformation toolkit, which sees businesses accelerate and de-risk change, improvement and automation opportunities through the use of AI tools.

    Decision Maker, the new proposition created by the partnership, will combine the Emergence methodology for pinpointing opportunities for automation and digital decision-making, alongside XpertRule’s platform and associated Decision Mining Methodology to mine, digitally capture, replicate and share human expertise and allow the automation of complex decision-making processes. Together the product will accelerate a business on their tech improvement programme and deliver cost reductions, increase revenues and improved customer experience.

    The product addresses the problem faced by many businesses with intricate processes and customer service requirements that have until now, had to rely on a relatively small pool of skilled agents to resolve the most complex cases – leading to slower response times, multiple hand-offs and ultimately a poor experience for the customer, resulting in higher-than necessary customer churn. Decision Maker moves complex decisions, like approvals, underwriting, churn propensity or credit ratings from the back office, to the front office, speeding up processes and improving customer experience.

    With Decision Maker businesses will have a consistent, automated customer service desk able to handle the most complex cases, quickly and effectively and within any regulatory or compliance frameworks.  With seamless access to 360-degree view of a customer and the ability to have rich and deep customer engagement, Decision Maker will empower all agents to deliver best-in-class service to customers, as well as allow the seamless up-sell and cross-sell of products and services.

    Decision Maker will join Profit Finder launched in April, in the digital transformation suite of products and services being offered by Emergence for businesses that need fast, effective, and in-flight ways to reduce costs and increase revenues through the smart deployment of tech.

    David Poole, CEO, Emergence Partners says: “we’re developing an eco-system that makes sense of the vast and varied opportunities for advanced tech deployment available to businesses – piecing it all together in a way that makes the HFS OneOffice concept, a reality.  We’re deliberately partnering with companies that are leading the charge on intelligent automation and using tech to power tech transformation is just one more way in which we are challenging the traditional consultancy model. Decision Maker, along with all our products and services are being created to deliver faster, smarter and highly effective ways for businesses deliver their vision.”

    Emergence is a unique and different type of technology consulting firm,” adds Alex Bentley, Chief Revenue Officer at XpertRule. “We share a common vision for pushing the boundaries of intelligent automation. One that goes beyond the automation of simple transactions and repetitive tasks. They understand and see the potential of decision-powered conversational AI and want to help us bring it to a broader audience. Together, we are looking to automate human decision-making at the highest level.

    Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst of Global Research Company HFS said: “this is an interesting expansion of the Emergence eco-system of AI-powered products and services. Giving businesses the ability to automate complex processes that previously relied on human decision-making, standardizing a quality customer experience while also automating the opportunity for additional sales is a potential game-changer. We would rank Decision Maker as a very high consideration tool for any business looking to bring in automation without any negative impact to the customer experience.”

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    About Emergence Partners

    Emergence is a new breed of Tech Consultancy and exists to make the world a better place to live and work through the thoughtful adoption of advanced technologies.  We set out to be different. To be true strategic partners to our clients. To listen. To move fast, with passion and purpose. We blend independent technology expertise with an understanding of human impact – we never forget that people are at the heart of every business and the communities around them.  We are a catalyst for change for business leaders and their businesses – helping them shift from a narrow, risk-averse mindset to an agile, experimental and adaptable one. We call all this, Profound Transformation and it’s what we deliver for our clients.

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    About XpertRule (XR)

    XpertRule is a leading software developer and provider of intelligent automation solutions, which incorporate multiple AI capabilities to streamline and enhance the decision-making process. Founded by AI pioneers and visionaries, the company’s software makes it easy to automate complex decisions and customer interactions through conversational AI digital decision-making. XpertRule’s customers have used at scale in many sectors including financial services, manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, and public sector. The company’s goal is to deliver on the promise of intelligent automation. To learn more visit