A few weeks back in early June, XpertRule had the honor of participating at the HFS OneOffice Digital Symposium. This turned out to be a significant milestone for the company. We got the chance to take part in a “Shark Tank” type pitch session with several other up and coming technology disruptors and innovators. It was a bit daunting being peppered by questions from HFS analysts, but we emerged as the Hottest of the Hot vendors. The best part of all was that the audience voted to decide the outcome.

    Accolades come and go very quickly but what matters most is receiving independent market validation. To know that others see the same value proposition and market opportunity as you do. What initially attracted me to XpertRule, was the idea that complex decision making, and sophisticated customer interactions could be automated using conversational AI and machine learning. By being able to digitally capture, mine and automate even the most complex decision-making processes, you have a game changer on your hands.

    That’s because to date Intelligent Automation has focused on using chatbots to handle and support simple customer requests. Plus, the much-hyped RPA (Robotic Process Automation) “revolution” has only automated repetitive and routine transactions. This leaves a huge amount of untapped automation potential, which is why I believe XpertRule’s value proposition resonates so much. Our Digital Advisors can turn every call center agent into the best agent and allows for a deeper, more tailored self-service customer experience across web, chat, voice and mobile channels. We even support a native NLP conversational interface that can also drive any third-party digital assistant or chatbot.

    This goes far beyond what is currently possible with existing automation tools, which will have a profound impact on many industry sectors going forward. These capabilities serve to automate front/back-office applications—either attended or unattended. This all takes us back to HFS and how XpertRule aligns with the firm’s OneOffice vision. A quick definition is as follows, “OneOffice is the endgame, where the digital enterprise can work in real time to cater for its clients. It’s where the intelligence, the processes and the infrastructure can come together as one integrated unit, with one set of unified business outcomes tied to delighting customers.”

    The ability to give agents a 360-view of all interactions will drive better and more meaningful engagements, ultimately “delighting customers”. This is more than just accelerating, improving and extending automation capabilities. It is about elevating the customer experience while increasing overall revenues and lowering operating costs.

    Leveraging conversational AI to power digital decision-making sets us apart. This is the next evolution of intelligent automation and is in part why HFS has acknowledged XpertRule as a Hot Vendor.

    Here is a short excerpt of what HFS has to say:


    “Our view is that conversational AI can automate some complex customer interactions, augment the agent’s experience, and empower the agent to service the customer. XpertRule’s Digital Advisors empower agents by improving their ability to perform more complicated tasks and increasing their certainty in their decisions”

     Melissa O’Brien | Vice President, Research