Digital Advisors

Automate deep conversations through digital decisioning to power complex problem resolution in the front office.

Next gen customer engagements

Outbound, inbound or self-service

For any hyperautomation initiative to be successful, the right balance of collaboration between human and machine needs to occur. What’s required is a digital decisioning engine that can power the conversations with customers/agents/employees using best practices while seamlessly interfacing to enterprise systems and data.

XpertRule’s platform offers next generation “Intelligent Customer Interactions’’, by allowing for the development of applications, which can interact with users (outbound or inbound) using any contact channel chat, web and voice. These conversations are powered by an intelligent inference engine that supports a wide range of automation capabilities including decision automation, predictive analytics, and decision optimization.

Our approach

Transforming customer interactions

Next generation customer engagements need to be proactive. This requires a decisioning engine like, that can constantly assess and respond to changing customer circumstances. It means taking early action by reaching out to customers and engaging them with timely tailored conversations. also supports customer self-service via the XR Intelligent Virtual Agent, helping drive in-depth and personalized conversations, enabling omni-channel interactions, improving the customer experience and deflecting inbound contact center traffic.

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