XpertRule recently developed an intelligent cobot performance monitoring system for a client in the manufacturing sector. An industrial cobot for the uninitiated is a “collaborative robot”, intended to work with direct human interaction within a shared space, or in close proximity of humans making their jobs easier by completing dexterous and repetitive or physically demanding tasks.

    As a practitioner working in both the Intelligent Automation (IA) and Intelligent Manufacturing (IM) sectors, I find it puzzling that the IA sector has not yet realized the massive potential of Intelligent Digital Cobots, which I consider to be the counterpart of the Industrial Cobots.

    Change is coming however, with the increasing interest in the orchestration of a hybrid digital/human workforce. Intelligent Digital Cobots will play a pivotal role in making hybrid working a success and addressing the massive skills shortages facing businesses. We believe the future of automation is about upskilling workers and increasing productivity versus rendering people redundant. Intelligent Digital Cobots can play a key role in upskilling workers, reducing the errors they make under pressure and ensue that they always follow best practices. How? By empowering them with guidance, advise, decision support and by providing access to enriched enterprise data in context exactly when needed. Furthermore, these cobots can be deployed across a wide range of applications, including sales and customer service best practices and standard operating procedures, conducting risk assessments and complex diagnostics and troubleshooting.

    The technology required to enable an Intelligent Digital Cobot goes beyond what chatbots, conversational AI, and digital assistants are capable of today. What’s required is a new breed of automation engine, blending decisioning, workflow, machine learning and intelligent dialog.

    XpertRule’s platform has been designed to bring these capabilities together and can be used to develop Intelligent Digital Cobots as part of an end-to-end automation solution. We enable and drive deep, tailored and guided interactions with employees, agents or clients utilizing any contact channel (web, chat, Conversational AI). In parallel, we ensure that front office interactions with humans are seamlessly followed by intelligent automated actions at the middle and back office.

    Both front office dialog and mid/back-office automations are streamlined by our AI-powered decision-engineering software. We make it possible to rapidly, and without coding, capture knowledge from any subject matter experts and combine it with Machine Learning (ML) of explainable root cause propensity models resulting in greater efficiencies.

    To find out more about why XpertRule is at the forefront of Intelligent Digital Cobot innovation, reach out directly to  info@xpertrule.com.