Manchester, UK, Friday 30 June 2023: XpertRule (XR), the Decision Intelligence company, today announced the release of its latest update to core product to version 5.0. The product extension, available from Monday 3 July 2023, provides a safe, secure and auditable use of LLMs to drive even greater Decision Intelligence led efficiencies. 

  is a decision intelligence platform that rapidly captures human knowledge & expertise, combines it with analytics and deploys it organisation-wide to automate & improve the quality of decision-making. Version 5.0 marks a quantum leap in functionality of the product via the seamless integration of LLMs, such as GPT, at two key moments in business process automation: 

    1. At Design Time – allowing the consumption of natural language description and documentation to build decision logic. 

    2. At Run Time – allowing the real-time interrogation of structured and unstructured text to make safe, verifiable and auditable decisions. 

    In v5.0, the LLM integration unlocks access to new information and marks a significant step forward in any automation which requires the processing of documents and incoming communications.  At the same time, v5.0 addresses the enterprise governance and risk mitigation issues associated with the hallucination of LLMs through three separate risk-mitigation features: 

    1. Using multiple confirmatory LLM queries to mitigate against rogue answers 

    2. Using decision models to cross-check and validate responses against available data and other answers 

    3. Using a human-in-the-loop to verify LLM answered questions 

    In short, v5.0 takes the powerful capabilities of an LLM and deploys them in a safe and auditable decision intelligence platform, making it perfect for any customer-facing environment where determining caller/user intent is hugely beneficial to agent efficiency and customer experience.  As well as any middle or back-office environment where the accuracy, safety and auditability of real-time data assessment can again, improve efficiency and experience. 

     Sam Stone, part of the development team on v5.0 says:

    “We’ve spent an accelerated development time harnessing the capabilities of LLMs to bring a user-friendly product to our customers.  It will improve both the way our customers can set up their decision intelligence platform and how it works in run time, as well as having an improved UI and enhanced security features.” 

    Akeel Attar, XpertRule CEO adds:

    “We’ve steered clear of the hype around LLMs and instead focused on embedding their capabilities into our decision intelligence platform to make something materially useful and unique.  We’re enabling businesses to go beyond design time co-piloting capabilities and empowering them to expand their intelligent automation to include the runtime processing of text documents and communications in a way that is safe, predictable, and critically auditable.” 

    To register your interest in v5.0 or to buy directly, either speak to your XpertRule representative or contact 


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