accelerates intelligent automation to enable better customer engagements and business outcomes. This latest release makes it possible to digitally capture the expertise of knowledge workers and apply it to automate workflows requiring decisioning and deep user interactions.


    London — February 1, 2022

    Helping organizations extend their intelligent automation capabilities, XpertRule (XR) today announced the latest release of its low-code enterprise AI platform, making it possible to digitally capture the expertise of knowledge workers and apply it to automate workflows requiring decisioning and deep user interactions. The software can capture, learn and optimize organizational decision-making, learn predictive models from data, and deliver the combined expertise digitally. 4.0 empowers complex digital decisioning, Machine Learning (ML) and Conversational AI through multiple AI technologies, resulting in end-to-end automation by combining complex customer interactions with decisioning actions. It digitally automates decisions made by knowledge workers unifying both front and back-office operations resulting in greater efficiencies and operational agility. This latest iteration of features a new user interface making it easy for developers to automate complex workflows and streamline any decision-making process.

    “XpertRule continues to evolve its value proposition with intelligent digital decisioning in its platform,” says Melissa O’Brien, Research Leader at HFS, a leading intelligent automation research firm. “The ability to generate more data-driven decision making and automate workflows with a low-code platform is an advancement to scale and accelerate intelligent automation. It also aligns with our OneOffice vision where front and back-office processes work seamlessly together.”


    Key new capabilities for 4.0 include:

    •  Serverless deployment options provide more roll-out flexibility while making it easier to maintain and scale the digital decisioning process.
    • New platform UX enabling greater developer productivity by leveraging enhanced knowledge editors and new build tools for rapid development and ease of maintenance.
    • New and enhanced knowledge representations and ML technologies with more continual learning options to accelerate automated decisioning
    • Improved dashboard integration providing superior automation monitoring and reporting capabilities.
    • Extended multiple language translation support for deployed applications providing broader appeal and greater access.
    • Deliver end-to-end automation capabilities across web, chat, voice and mobile channels.
    • Built-in RPA Integration tools help extend the boundaries of transactional automation.
    • Integration with Cognitive Services including Google Cloud AI and Azure Cognitive Services through built in API connectors, make accessing the latest innovations simple.


    “What makes unique is the way it empowers clients to extend their current automation capabilities to every corner of their enterprise. It delivers immediate, direct and tangible benefits to the bottom-line of any organization,” says Akeel Attar, CEO and Founder of XpertRule. “We all have workflows that require expertise and decision support. Now imagine being able to flawlessly automate and execute them all while supporting closely aligned business objectives. That’s where the power of comes in.”