Manchester & Cologne, Thursday 13 October 2022: and XpertRule announce Knowledge Automator, a new joint solution offered as part of their strategic partnership, to integrate the Productivity Mining technology with the XpertRule Decisions Execution Automation platform. The result is Knowledge Automator, which transforms the process intelligence generated by the software into intelligent automation of knowledge-intensive processes and decision support Co-Bots for employees, powered by XpertRule.

    The unique offering will help organizations build strong digital capabilities that both address the skills shortage and allow the human workforce to work more effectively, by:

    1. Using the Productivity Mining platform to generate transformation intelligence to:

    • Identify opportunities to remove friction from work to help employees do more and better, by improving workload allocation and maximising productivity
    • Provide insights into the combined work delivered by people, processes and technologies
    • Identify opportunities for improvements including automation

    2. Using the XpertRule Intelligent Automation platform to rapidly deliver the benefits, identified by, through:

    • Deploying Intelligent Process Automation powered by predictive decisioning that goes far beyond robotic automation of repetitive tasks
    • Upskilling and multi-skilling workers by providing them with intelligent decision support (digital Co-Bots) that empowers them with best practice expertise, advice, actions and operating procedures
    • Deploying customer self-service chat channels powered by Predictive Decisioning to significantly reduce the workload of contact centre employees while improving customer satisfaction
    • Adding the XpertRule KPI root-cause analysis to the advanced productivity mining technology of

    Adam Bujak, CEO at says, “ provides Productivity Intelligence that hasn’t been available via existing data or process mining software before. Businesses know they need to digitally transform, but the question they ask is: how to capture the knowledge across the organisation and immediately deploy the most impactful solutions? Our alliance with XpertRule answers this broad challenge for CX – this has not been possible before now.”

    Akeel Attar, CEO at XpertRule added, “Knowledge Automator brings together an organisations two most valuable assets: the knowledge of its employees and the business intelligence from its data. We’re proud to be launching this product with at a time when businesses need ways to address complex people and process challenges in fast and effective ways. That’s exactly what Knowledge Automator does.”

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