There’s hardly a SaaS product under the sun that doesn’t claim “seamless integration” as a selling point.

    But what does it really mean? An API connecting into another API? A database connecting to a chatbot?

    When we talk about Decision Intelligence integration, we mean so much more.

    Let’s zoom out for a moment. Your business makes up to three billion decisions annually - and they’re getting more complex all the time.

    Those decisions - fueling customer experience, operations, systems and processes - are prone to misunderstanding, limitations and disconnection when there are gaps in the information available to users.

    That’s why the average S&P business loses $250 million per annum due to poor decision-making. It’s like losing money down the gaps in the sofa - only it’s $250 million instead of 20 cents.

    Decision Intelligence plugs these gaps by integrating all of your expertise, data, analytics and decision flows into one central ‘brain’. With XpertRule’s Decision Intelligence platform, you’re not only integrating your technologies - you’re integrating your data with the human expertise and decisions that can really make a difference to your bottom line. You’re integrating all of your strengths as a business into one intuitive, no-code platform.

    Need a quick primer? Find out more about Decision Intelligence here. 

    Now for the technical bit… not only plugs into your existing technology estate without the need for high-cost integration; it also crucially forms the central ‘brain’ of your ecosystem, sitting above your tech suite.

    This means you can incorporate intelligent decision engineering into your back-office workflows, provide decision services to enterprise applications and work orchestration platforms, and deliver complex front-office interactions via self-service chat and dialogue - all at the same time. This can power, for example, a 50% increase in call handling capacity and a 35% increase in First Call Resolution for users.

    Deploying applications via chat, dialogue or API, your business can then execute multi-decision processes involving any number of different people and deploying any number of different decision-engineering techniques. has all the bells and whistles too, of course: it has in-built connectors for consuming your choice of third-party APIs, including Google Cloud​, Azure Cognitive Services, Salesforce and MS Dynamics​.

    But more than this, Decision intelligence is the glue that can connect your most valuable data and human expertise to your most important decisions.

    We can talk about seamless APIs or plug-and-play until the cows come home - but Decision Intelligence is what real tech integration looks like.

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