Digital Adoption and Digital Transformation are topics that are covered by many posts on social media and in PR materials, nearly all of which talk in terms of jargon and benefits, which to say the least are unsubstantiated. These articles often concentrate on the technology and why technology x is better than technology y. This is not the issue.

    In a long career of dealing with adoption of new technologies, productivity improvements and new working practices, the main impacts are on culture and people. If these are not addressed at the start, any project is doomed to failure – it’s a simple fact, people do not like change.

    In the current environment, with the energy supply and pricing issues, the war in Ukraine and supply chain fragility, it is important that companies act, adopt and adapt and for this to happen, they need to build a culture that embraces change and this means people across the whole organisation have to buy in to the change process. This is vital to companies succeeding in 2023 and meeting their productivity and sustainability goals.

    Culture, People, Technology is built into the XpertRule and our Partners approach to successful implementations.

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