Manage customer service emails
faster and more accurately helps contact center agents respond to customers instantly, and always in line with company best practices.
We augment your people with the combined power of Gen AI and Decision Intelligence, so you can deliver a great outcome for every email enquiry.

Across 802 case handlers we save, conservatively, 1.4 million incoming emails a year. Saving 30 seconds per email saves, across the firm, something in the region of 12,000 hours. If you multiply that by your average recovery rate, it’s fair to say that the system pays for itself many times over.

Dr. Catriona Wolfenden, Partner at Weightmans LLP

Handle complex queries at high volume

Unusually high case volumes in contact centers have become the norm and agents and business leaders are both paying the price in key areas:
High response times
Increased processing costs
Inconsistent responses
Agent burnout
Customer dissatisfaction

Our technology helps your agents not just cope, but excel in each case, no matter the volume.

To handle customer enquires at scale, integrates with a Large Language Model (LLM) to interpret emails and extract nuanced information.

Then using Decision Intelligence based on your own domain expertise, suggests agent actions based on your company's best practices.

Here's a step-by-step guide through how it works:

Group 1099

An inbound email arrives and an agent opens a ticket. appears within a user-friendly sidebar on your desktop.

Using an LLM, reads the inbound email, checks details with the agent, provides an approved-wording response, and suggests follow-up actions.
The agent carries out the response, adding their own human touch and oversight.
The customer gets a fast, accurate outcome.

The benefits

Reduce average handling time.
With agents no longer having to read every ticket in detail, cases can be resolved far quicker, and without long queues or backlogs.
Circle Check icon Increase first time resolution.’s responses are accurately tied to the inbound message, saving customers from having to return to the same query.
Prevent agent burnout.
Rather than being buried in manual work, agents merely need to be involved from a higher-level context perspective and to add a human touch.
Stay compliant.
Our technology comes with built-in safety guardrails based on your compliance guidelines, meaning every response adheres to your best practices.
Handle surges in volume. gives you the in-house capability to handle unexpected surges without resorting to long hours or long waiting times.

19 x

more profitability

23 x

more customer acquisition

6 x

better customer retention

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