Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent automation to improve and control the performance of process and plant.

How we work with your sector

Digital transformation & Industry 4.0

The multi trillion-dollar digital transformation of the manufacturing industry is rapidly expanding with increasing plant connectivity generating vast amounts of data.

To derive value from this connectivity and data, advanced AI & decision analytics are required to turn data into actionable insights and to develop data driven automated performance improvement solutions.

Manufacturers are having to adapt and become agile and sustainable to survive.

Pressures on price/margins, quality, delivery of goods as well as new legislations such as Net Zero emissions and environmental challenges make automation vital.

To address the above pressures, companies need to improve performance through better utilization of their people, plant processes and products to drive better profits (the 5Ps).

Intelligent Manufacturing allows companies to increase quality, improve operational efficiency, and increase uptime while complying with increasing environmental regulation.

Our approach


Our XpertFactory platform evolved as a result our extensive experience over two decades in applying advanced AI technologies to improve manufacturing and process plants.

XpertFactory combines our methodology and track record with our technology to provide a high-performance compact AI engine for native deployment on industrial edge or cloud with these differentiated capabilities:

Your industry

A platform for all industrial sectors  

We work with our partners in a collaborative way in many sectors to help them develop/deploy vertical solutions (that capture their sector Domain Expertise) thereby allowing them to gain competitive advantage in their industrial sector. The XpertRule Intelligent Manufacturing Team and our partners have experience across multiple sectors – pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, minerals, additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing.

The benefits

Deployed globally

XpertFactory technology has been successfully deployed world-wide in many industrial sectors. In almost all cases such deployments started with a process understanding analysis using our unique explainable AI machine learning tools, then progressed to process monitoring and process optimisation advisory (open loop control advisory). Below is a summary of some of these success stories.

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