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We work with partners to bring disruptive and innovative automation solutions to multiple industry sectors.

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Join our growing partner ecosystem and start realising the benefits of collaboration. You may want to differentiate your offering, enhance your own technology or have a really great idea to disrupt your industry sector. Whether you prefer working alone or with other people, we'll help you find the model that suits you best.

Industry Partner

Industry Partner

As an industry partner you can build client solutions using our intelligent automation tool set. This could be a completely customised IoT solution for a specific client, or an industry-specific Finance solution that you can brand, price, and support yourself.

Delivery Partner

Delivery partners customise, integrate, and implement Digital Experts for their customers. Once the Digital Experts go live, delivery partners train client-side users, offer first-level customer support and manage relationships.

Delivery Parnter
Technology Partner

Technology Partner

We work closely with a number of technology / platform providers giving developers access to a broadly integrated toolset of products and services.

Some partners we're currently working with

Hosokawa Micron


Credit authorisation

All credit evaluation decisions can be securely & rapidly changed with great flexibility according to new emerging business situations.

Credit authorisation

Visible, understandable decision logic providing a clear audit trail to credit management decisions.


We transformed complex knowledge, long held by our individual experts, into a tangible corporate asset.

Credit authorisation

We created a new package for risk management, with integrated intelligence and technology. This will revolutionise the market.

Hosokawa Micron
Predictive maintenance

The benefits are faster resolution of problems, increased equipment up-time & more efficient operation of the plant & equipment.

Planning & scheduling optimisation

The incidence of non-productive cask movements has plummeted from a high of around 50% to a negligible level of around 4% and cask handling rates have almost doubled.

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