Multichannel Customer Service

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XpertRule uses our advanced decision intelligence solution, to allow businesses to harness the power of their two most valuable assets – the expertise of their people and the predictive analytics in their data.

When it comes to managing a multi channel customer service environment, we've got you covered.

We understand that you'll be struggling to efficiently process and manage customer queries and requests across multiple communication channels while maintaining consistency in service, providing timely responses and resolutions, managing high volumes of inquiries and meeting customer expectations, particularly during peak seasons. 

So, we've revolutionised multichannel customer service by capturing the best practices and integrating various communication channels seamlessly. By using the domain expertise captured in, every agent can communicate effectively across all channels and provide the best advice for customers.

With’s integration points, customer data is synced across all channels without the need for major changes to the existing tech environment.

The result is an improved end-to-end customer journey that enhances customer satisfaction. 

You get, service consistency, improved customer experience across all key metrics (resolution time, waiting time, flexibility of channel), cost reduction through process efficiencies and improved employee experience - every agent is upskilled with dynamic domain experience and is set-up to deliver next-best-action.

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