Make faster, more accurate claims
decisions powers claims handlers with the combined power of Gen AI and Decision Intelligence, to deliver faster and fairer outcomes for policyholders.

Insurers are failing to deliver on customer promises

Claims handlers are responsible for an insurer’s most important customer-facing moment: delivering on the policies you write.
But handlers are being weighed down by complex cases and the unformatted reports attached to each – so much so that the FCA has warned insurers of customer complaints about long wait times and inaccurate assessments.


of claims handlers say reviewing and processing claims documents is a burden

Accelerate case processing with better decisions is the Decision Intelligence platform that helps your claims handlers make great decisions at high volume.
And because’s Decision Intelligence is based on your domain expertise, you can rely on its built-in logic and compliance guard-rails, so that every decision will adhere to your exact policies and guidelines.


Gen AI extracts relevant information from the body of the medical report. integrates with a Large Language Model (LLM) to interpret claims reports and extract nuanced case information.


Decision Intelligence automatically fires prompts to your LLM to check information and suggest next steps.  Following a Decision Tree modeled on your company’s best practices, reaches an objective and auditable assessment of the claim, as well as filling in missing or ambiguous information.


Your claims assessor makes an informed call about the merits of the personal injury claim. 
Presented to your claims assessors in easy UI dashboards, assists your experts in quickly making informed decisions about the overall validity of the claim.

4 applies decision mining to predict the expected claims cost and confirm level of cover
Predict the cost of the claim based on historical claims data to determine coverage, and make recommendations on the right level of compensation and any conditions to be applied.


Rinse and repeat at scale.
Take your new AI claims process company-wide to enhance decisions across the board. Your model continuously improves over time as more data becomes available from each case.

The benefits

Fast resolutions for policyholders.

With agents no longer having to read through every claims report in detail, cases can be resolved far quicker, and without long queues or backlogs.

Better claims decisions

Our technology comes with built-in guardrails based on your compliance and policy guidelines, meaning every response adheres to your best practices.

Continuously optimised processing optimizes its decisions over time as more data becomes available with each case that is processed.

19 x

more profitability

23 x

more customer acquisition

6 x

better customer retention

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