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Product is very intuitive, simple to use and deploy. Support from the vendor has always been very responsive with regards to both problem resolution and capability to rapidly enhance the product as new needs were identified.

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XpertRule uses our advanced decision intelligence solution, to allow businesses to harness the power of their two most valuable assets – the expertise of their people and the predictive analytics in their data. 

We know that the customer journey for loans such as mortgages is more challenging now then it's ever been. Customers are demanding speed and consistency of decision-making, no matter which channel they decide to engage with you on, while interest rates, increased regulation and customer vulnerabilities present real challenges to maintaining a profitable, low risk balance sheet. 

Every application typically requires fraud checks on the borrower, a range of supporting information, digital and sometimes still paper-based such as evidence of salary and accurate determinations of loan amounts given income and outflows. It is no surprise then that a typical mortgage can cost between $7,000 - $9,000 to process and over 45 days to obtain an initial or refinanced mortgage (*source ICE Mortgage Technology, Jan 2021). 

This entire process involves complex decision-making and interaction which is both time-consuming and subject to human error. 

Using, XpertRule equips the organisation to apply varying levels of automation and decision augmentation across the mortgage value chain from point of origin and completing initial application checks such as applicant fraud, to underwriting and servicing. As well as calculating loan amounts based on incomes and risk levels, while also determining potential customer vulnerabilities. applies policy and best practice that it has learnt from the best human users within the operation, such as experienced underwriters, and overlays the results of fully explainable and auditable decision-mining that is able to predict likelihood of fraud and calculate loan plans that meets all consumer regulation on fair treatment of customers.  

By deploying the Intelligent Dialog capability, the customer is also now able to register and monitor the progress of their application themselves, while handlers can use the same self-serve channels to rapidly request further information to support the application, while rapidly reducing the overall time to process an application. 

Finally, decision intelligence can support the creation of multi-variant data sets which leverage the availability of a wide range data sources to create unique, differentiated risk profiles alongside provide the human decision maker with an insightful and complete picture of all of the supporting factors- allowing the business to transition from hindsight to foresight risk management. is able to empower your resources and help speed up the mortgage-application process, while lowering processing costs, improving the quality of loan risk and critically improving the overall customer experience. 

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Strong relationship with us and our clients. Very flexible to new demands. Open to our roadmap and to integrate partners tech stack with their technology.

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