Eliminating the complexity of Complex Product Configuration with viabl.ai

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Intuitive product with first class support from the vendor

Product is very intuitive, simple to use and deploy. Support from the vendor has always been very responsive with regards to both problem resolution and capability to rapidly enhance the product as new needs were identified.

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XpertRule uses our advanced decision intelligence solution, viabl.ai to allow businesses to harness the power of their two most valuable assets – the expertise of their people and the predictive analytics in their data. 

And when it comes to the complex configuration of products, we can make things remarkably simple. 

We understand that in the field of high-value, customisable products, such as commercial vehicles or equipment, the challenges of providing an accurate customer quote requires a huge amount of expertise and time. 

Specialist solution engineers, with deep product and local regulatory compliance knowledge are needed to navigate all the product configuration dependencies and reliance on these resources create long sales cycles and high Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). 

Added to that, once a sale has been won, there is the additional operational challenge of converting that quote into a bill of materials that can be fully inventoried and fulfilled by the ERP platform. 

With viabl.ai we can capture and automate the specialist knowledge required to deliver a full design specification and quote, without compromising on the customisation requirements and that means internal salespeople and distribution partners can now be empowered to manage the entire process without the need for support. 

With viabl.ai running the complex product configuration process you can reduce the sales cycle by at least 50% as well as massively reducing the errors/rework rate and at the same time improve scalability of the sales process. 

Read how we helped retail refrigeration specialists Arneg HERE 

And then talk to us about how we can simplify your complex product configuration process. 

Intuitive product

Implementing viabl.ai was a way to capture the knowledge from the minds of our power users. It turned this individual wealth of knowledge into company wealth. We now can leverage what in the past was only in the minds of a few people.

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