Increasing uptime and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) with XpertFactory

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Outstanding platform & partnership

Strong relationship with us and our clients. Very flexible to new demands. Open to our roadmap and to integrate partners tech stack with their technology.

IT Services Industry

Combining the data from machine and environment in XpertFactory allows more insight and understanding of key control variables, which improves the quality of each component. Engineers can be alerted in real-time to problems before they occur, which results in consistent near zero error processes, an increase in uptime, and improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). To optimise OEE, users can create a digital twin of processing to identify the service and maintenance requirements of equipment in distant places. The digital twin can also be used in plant commissioning.

For one client, XpertFactory brought about 15% improvement in uptime; energy usage was reduced by 20% with capacity gains between 10 to 12% across its operations. With the integration of its assets across the factory the client was able to remotely monitor the performance of equipment and plant, including real time values and trending for key measurements, diagnostic alerts and warnings of problems detected. These were directed to the people who could action correct and appropriate interventions.

Good experience

The development team at XpertRule were extremely easy to work with and adept at understanding our business problems. The platform allowed a solution to be built quickly. It has been deployed for an extended period of time with very few issues arising.

Services (non-Government) Industry