Prevent claims fraud losses with AI-powered triaging powers insurers with Decision Intelligence to spot fraudulent claims quickly and accurately, at high volume.

Insurers claims fraud is on the rise

Claims volumes are at their highest level in a decade, and with that comes an even greater need to minimize leakage without damaging the customer experience.
Every claim, as it is registered, must be quickly validated as a genuine claim, accurately triaged for false or exaggerated information, all while managing customer interactions quickly and with sensitivity.
With claims growing in complexity, can help your case handlers accurately triage at high volume, so they can focus on delivering what customers really value: speedy resolutions and great service.


rise in fraudulent claims in the UK alone last year

City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department

Minimize leakage with Decision Intelligence is the Decision Intelligence platform that helps your claims handlers pinpoint fraud probability at high volume.
And because’s Decision Intelligence is based on your domain expertise, you can rely on its built-in logic and compliance guard-rails, so that every decision will adhere to your exact policies, guidelines, and risk appetite. 


An insurance claim needs triaging.
At the initial triaging stage, equips handlers with decision-augmentation to complete background checks and the required decision-making to evaluate the fraud-risk, check coverage, and optimize supplier costs.

2 uses Machine Learning to determine how likely it is that the claim is fraudulent.
Following a Decision Tree modeled on your company’s best practices, reaches an objective and auditable assessment of the claim, as well as filling in missing or ambiguous information.

If the claim is suspicious, seeks more information from the claimant. 
The claimant is sent to an intelligent chat session to fill out further details about the claim.

If the claim is still suspicious after a conversation with the claimant, passes the claim on to a fraud assessor. determines when it is best to defer to an expert assessor, crucially keeping a human in the loop. 

Rinse and repeat at scale.
Apply your new AI claims triaging process to all of your cases that need assessing. Your model continuously improves over time as more data becomes available from each case.

The benefits

Save millions in claims fraud leakage. With agents no longer having to read through every claims report in detail, cases can be resolved far quicker, and without long queues or backlogs. 
Keep an expert human in the loop. Our technology comes with built-in guardrails based on your compliance and policy guidelines, meaning every response adheres to your best practices.
Continuously optimize your fraud prevention. optimizes its decisions over time as more data becomes available with each case that is processed.

19 x

more profitability

23 x

more customer acquisition

6 x

better customer retention

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