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Simplified and speeded up Policy Generation with viabl.ai

XpertRule uses our advanced decision intelligence solution, viabl.ai to allow businesses to harness the power of their two most valuable assets – the expertise of their people and the predictive analytics in their data. 

And it when it comes to making insurance policy generation faster, we’ve got you covered. 

We know that due to the range and complexity of clauses required to go into any insurance policy, creating them at the point of purchase can be time consuming and imperfect. 

But equally, maintaining up-to-date versions of all the clauses is equally time and resource intense. 

Using viabl.ai we solve this problem. 

We use no-code techniques to capture the knowledge required to build these complex policy documents, enabling the experts themselves to build the logic. 

And all the policy clauses are maintained directly inside viabl.ai where full policy documents can be generated in milliseconds. 

All this means that that your agents can instantly generate new, bespoke policies at the time of purchase, with the added benefit of being added directly into the customer purchase flow to enable seamless integration with other business systems. 

Your agents can deliver policies faster and more accurately and your customers get a faster and more reliable service. 

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