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Intuitive product with first class support from the vendor

Product is very intuitive, simple to use and deploy. Support from the vendor has always been very responsive with regards to both problem resolution and capability to rapidly enhance the product as new needs were identified.

Software Industry

XpertRule uses our advanced decision intelligence solution, to allow businesses to harness the power of their two most valuable assets – the expertise of their people and the predictive analytics in their data. 

And when it comes to effective and efficient email processing, we’ve got you covered. 

We understand that processing high volumes of email, as you find in contact centre operations, can create high response times, high processing costs, inconsistent responses and cause unnecessarily high levels of customer dissatisfaction. 

Using, seamlessly integrated with existing Contact Centre solutions we can support agents in processing emails effectively.  

Our solution allows emails to be automatically categorised based on content and once delivered to an agent, suggests a response based on pre-defined templates. is able to continually improve the suggestions provided to an agent by using an AI based algorithm to continually re-enforce learning. 

Using you save money through faster and more efficient email processing, improve the customer experience by shortening response and follow up times and improve the employee experience by allowing agents to deliver faster, higher quality responses and accelerating learning curves using AI. 

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Outstanding platform & partnership

Strong relationship with us (partners) and our clients. Very flexible to new demands. Open to our roadmap and to integrate partners tech stack with their technology.

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