Improving real-time data quality with XpertFactory’s centralised platform

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Manufacturing Industry

Via XpertFactory, machines can share data in real time to maximise efficiency across the suite. It facilitates seamless, synchronised, and centralised real-time data acquisition from existing machinery & equipment enabling data processing, dashboarding, analysis, and storage. Users can connect, retrieve and aggregate the data on the XpertFactory platform to monitor and review over time for further analysis and insight. The data acquired covers machine performance and environmental sensors, and is accessible via local displays and remotely via the cloud. Insights gained can be used for process optimisations: for example, the knowledge acquired can be used to create a questionnaire to accurately estimate a part’s suitability for hybrid manufacture.

As the machines can be linked to a complete ecosystem (for example, via local HMIs/ Dashboards/ Cloud), detailed analysis of machine performance is achieved remotely providing critical insights to machine performance and machine learning opportunities. And if historic data relating to the operation of your plant or process is available, then XpertFactory can quickly turn it into insights/knowledge that can help you understand the root causes of plant faults and inefficiencies.

Via XpertFactory, machines can share data in real time to maximise efficiency across the suite. Continual monitoring of key equipment parameters to ensure all control actions are based on actual process data and verified process models with pre-set limits. Operational data can be integrated throughout the business processes. For one client, complaints due to out-of-spec material were minimised: the result was 98% right first time processes.

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Good and easy to use product. Can be used even if you have little programming knowledge.

Manufacturing Industry