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Intuitive product with first class support from the vendor

Product is very intuitive, simple to use and deploy. Support from the vendor has always been very responsive with regards to both problem resolution and capability to rapidly enhance the product as new needs were identified.

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XpertRule uses our advanced decision intelligence solution, to allow businesses to harness the power of their two most valuable assets – the expertise of their people and the predictive analytics in their data. 

We know that insurance claims are at their highest levels in a decade and with the increase in volumes comes an even greater need to maximise positive customer experience with minimising claims leakage. 

Currently, every claim, as it is registered, must be validated as a genuine claim and triaged appropriately. As well as managing customer interactions with sensitivity, the claim handler must determine coverage, complete relevant fraud checks, investigate and evaluate as required, identify and manage suppliers and possibly negotiate with third parties before the claim can be settled.  

This entire process involves complex decision-making and interaction which is both time-consuming and subject to human error. 

Using, XpertRule equips handlers with decision-augmentation, that completes all the background checks and required decision-making to evaluate the fraud-risk, check coverage, and optimise supplier costs.  

It applies policies and best practice that it has learnt from the best human users within the operation and overlays the results of fully explainable and auditable decision-mining that is able to predict likelihood of fraud and calculate accurate claim valuations that meets all consumer regulation on fair treatment of customers.  

By deploying the Intelligent Dialog capability, the customer is also now able to register and manage their claim themselves via chat, without the need to speak to an agent.  

Finally, decision intelligence can support the resolution of complex escalated cases by completing background analysis using multiple data sets and different techniques to provide the human decision maker with an insightful and complete picture of all of the supporting factors.  

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Super technology augmented by great support

Great to work with a technology provider who is so open and accessible. When exploring our specific issues in our market it was refreshing to find a company who had the enthusiasm and commitment to support the investigation.

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