Case Study

Arvato Connect

Arvato Connect designs and delivers award-winning customer service, business process outsourcing (BPO) and digital and intelligent automation solutions. The smart front-office email capability, developed by Arvato and XpertRule, has transformed how a central government department has been able to manage and process incoming emails.


Arvato is always looking for new and innovative partners to improve how they’re able to service customers in smarter and more effective ways.  Arvato recognised that XRs decision intelligence capabilities would do just that in handling the volume and complexity of inbound emails being faced by a central government department.


Arvato and XpertRule developed a custom-made email processing solution. Powered by XR decision intelligence software, the solution can accurately categorize all inbound emails and automatically present agents with the appropriate response.  And using AI-based continuous learning capabilities, the solution continually refines and improves responses.


The instantaneous suggestion of responses to incoming emails provided to agents has massively improved response speed and continuity. And with a seamless integration to Genesys Agent Desktop, agents have been provided with a unified interface for omni-channel communications.
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The new system is easier to use and navigate. I have found scripts easier to find and the wrap-up is much quicker.

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I like the new system, and it definitely made things faster - the new system is fantastic!

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The new email system is definitely quick in generating email and there is less chance to make mistakes.

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I much prefer the new system, much quicker and easier, by not having to add the customer name and remove spaces and the forwarding is super simple. 

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