Born in academia
& proven in the

Our mission is to build intelligent automation software products designed for business users that solve the most complex problems using our deep experience of machine-learning AI.

Meet our Leadership Team

We AI.

We’re happy to admit that we’re AI geeks. Our UK-based team is made up of data scientists, programmers, IT strategists, and general tech obsessives, who love helping businesses of all sizes and sectors to use AI to be more efficient.

Our corporate social responsibility.

We are passionate about using our technologies to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and net zero targets. So ensuring the living standards of current generations without sacrificing that of future generations.


We’re always on the look out.

When we asked the people at XR what they liked about working here, they said things like: exciting work, the ability to stretch myself, lots of opportunities, and a real team spirit.

If you want to join a company that is full of opportunity, excitement and wants to see you succeed then send your CV to or get in touch.

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