27 Mar, 2019· read

XR & EAS have partnered up to upskill RPA


Intelligent automation software provider XR has agreed an exciting partnership with robotic process automation (RPA) delivery experts EAS.

The two companies complement each other perfectly – XR’s technology gives EAS the ability to upskill their RPA robots with intelligent skills like problem solving, human-robot collaboration, planning and sequencing and the ability to learn.

As a result of the partnership, digital workforces can now be developed to perform complex and critical business tasks at scale.

XpertRule CEO, Tom Davies, says the partnership is about extending the automation opportunity for our customers.

“We can now take automation into a far greater scope of business processes and break into new sectors”

“We are really excited to work with EAS – their experience of delivering RPA projects is proven - we are looking forward to bringing our deep expertise in AI-enabled automation to the partnership”

“Working together, I’m sure, will open up huge opportunities for the partnership and our customers. 

EAS co-founder, Phil Lewis, believes working with XR to extend the automation opportunity was an easy decision to make.

“The opportunity to partner with XR and leverage the company's impressive AI platform is an exciting one. There is a tremendous amount of synergy between EAS and XR"

"They match our ambitions, methodology and ideas on how to advance RPA services and solutions to our customers.”

“I’m really looking forward to working with XR and harnessing their Digital Experts to enable EAS to deliver innovative automation solutions.”

XR is committed to build on the great work that RPA has started - extending the automation opportunity and creating exciting new workforces.

To learn more about EAS, please check out the website or contact their team via email: info@endpointautomation.co.uk

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