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Tenant / resident negotiation

Recovery of rent or council tax arrears is an expensive and time-consuming process. Our intelligent automation framework enables local authorities (LAs) and housing associations (HAs) to prompt residents/tenants to negotiate revised payment terms, reducing pressure on call handling staff and avoiding an escalation of the issue.

Web Tenant Resident Neg


Our tenant/resident negotiation framework integrates with existing accounting systems to identify non-payment. When an issue is flagged, the framework’s virtual agent contacts the tenant/resident directly to ask if there has been a change in their circumstances and, if so, whether they would like to review their payment arrangements.

The virtual agent can negotiate payment terms to reach a mutually-agreeable arrangement using payment structure options set by the LA/HA, whilst adhering to guidelines. These can easily be adjusted to allow for guidance changes.

If payment issues continue and terms need further readjustment, this can be done by the virtual agent. This avoids any time delay and reduces embarrassment to the tenant/resident, increasing the likelihood of them being honest about their financial situation.

Key Benefits

  1. Improve return on investment
  2. Improve customer service
  3. Performance & capability 

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