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Smart Email Processing

Every day fee earners spend valuable time on reading and redirecting emails.

Web Smart Email Processing


Our smart email processing automation framework uses AI to read emails and any associated attachments, looking for and identifying keywords as specified by the fee earners. It then classifies the emails and reacts according to the rules it has been given. For example, moving an email to a stipulated case folder, forwarding it to an associate or paralegal, or responding to it via the framework’s virtual agent.

The application is configured using sample email data which is used to teach and test the system. It is only made live when it can successfully process emails at a level of accuracy acceptable to you.

When it cannot classify an email using the keywords and rules already mapped out within the application, the Viabl virtual agent prompts the relevant fee earner for clarification. Each time clarification is given, it will use this information for future classification, increasing its accuracy and requiring less input over time.

Key Benefits

  1. Reduce Human Error
  2. Enable Business Growth
  3. Improve Customer Service

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