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Product Configuration

Supporting customers through the purchase of custom-built machinery can be fraught with complications, as not all specifications complement each other, and mistakes can be costly. Our framework is used to ensure that every customer is given all the options available to them and that their order is always viable.

Web Product Configuaration


Our configuration framework uses the manufacturers’ product data regarding all the options (conflicting and complementary) and the sales team’s best practice on how to guide customers through the purchase process.

The framework’s virtual agent asks questions to identify the customer’s high-level requirements. It then guides them through all the relevant options available relative to their selections, until the right product has been configured.

Once the order is completed, the framework advises the relevant staff internally and can be configured to notify suppliers about the order specifications relevant to them.

Key Benefits

  1. Capture & apply expertise
  2. Reduce human error
  3. Improve customer service

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