20 Apr, 2020· read

Process Optimisation

With plant management, you can’t fix problems you can’t see. Our framework is used to create more visibility by monitoring operational data, and learning from it to optimise productivity and efficiency.

Web Process Optimsation


The process optimisation framework monitors the inputs, parameters and condition of machinery, and uses the data to build an understanding of the factors critical to the process and levels of output, as well as establishing how those factors are interconnected.

It uses incoming and past data to determine the ideal settings on machinery and equipment relative to the conditions, to achieve optimum efficiency.

The framework’s virtual agent notifies the plant manager of any changes that need to be made as and when required. Alternatively, the framework can be used to apply the changes automatically to avoid any delay.

Key Benefits

  1. More insight from data
  2. Increase profitability
  3. Secure business continuity 

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