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Proactive tenant engagement

Changes in a tenant’s benefits can drastically affect their ability to meet rent payments. Our framework can be used to flag up forthcoming changes to tenants before they take effect, offer them advice and, if required, negotiate alternative payment terms before the issue escalates.

Web Proactive Tenant Engagement


Our framework integrates with existing systems to identify changes in circumstances that could affect a tenant’s financial situation, for example a child turning 16 impacting the family’s eligibility for child benefit.

When a potential change in circumstance has been identified, the framework’s virtual agent contacts the relevant tenant directly to give them advance notification and offer them advice and support.

If the tenant needs to revise their payment terms, negotiation can be done via the virtual agent to secure a mutually agreeable arrangement.

The framework can also use past data to identify patterns in tenant behaviour regarding different types of change in circumstances which may require different approaches and support methods- for example, identifying the likelihood of an unreported bereavement.

Key Benefits

  1. Tackle backlogs
  2. Secure business continuity
  3. Improve return on investment

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