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Predictive Maintenance

Machinery downtime is costly and disruptive to a manufacturing business. Maintenance works need to optimise the lifespan of expensive parts, labour and the manufacturing process. Our framework uses AI to predict when maintenance is required, and to give the optimum timeframe for completion to reduce the frequency and length of machinery downtime.

Web Predictive Maintenance


Our predictive maintenance framework monitors data from manufacturing equipment and machinery to track any operating changes and identify the relevance of any fluctuations to maintenance requirements and performance.

It uses AI and the performance data collected to learn the optimum timing for works to be done, and uses rules mapped out within the framework to establish which maintenance works could be combined to minimise downtime and costs.

When appropriate, the framework’s virtual agent contacts engineers directly, identifying the maintenance requirement and giving them a recommended timescale as well as a breakdown of the steps required to rectify the impending issue(s).

Key Benefits

  1. Capture & apply expertise
  2. Increase profitability
  3. Secure business continuity

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