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XR is used to create Intelligent Automation applications for complex business tasks involving analysis and decision-making.

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Intelligent Automation

Versatile, capable and comprehensive

Build an intelligent layer into your business which consumes data from business systems, humans, documents, databases or sensors; applies intelligent models of human expertise and machine learning, and delivers decisions, advice and controls.

Key features



Capable of handling the most complex decisions standalone or to enhance a broader automation process.


Low code

Designed for speed of development, maintenance and democratised AI for business and technical users alike.



Open integration to business systems, cognitive AI services and solutions white-labelled for brand alignment.


Explainable decisions

Meet regulatory requirements with a ‘white-box’ AI method and an audit trace of every decision made.


Virtual Agents

Interactive decision models can be used to drive conversations with humans for information capture and advice.



Build once deploy securely to cloud, on-premise, edge and mobile. From single instance to enterprise scale.

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Inner workings


Our unified development environment is used for developing intelligent automation applications. The platform supports the modelling of intelligence and the runtime execution of the deployed software engine.


The software engine that drives the platform can be embedded or standalone, silent or interactive, consuming structured & unstructured data.


XR can be deployed via the cloud to on-premise, browser, IoT hubs or mobile apps.

Build tools

It has a large suite of native build tools (decision modelling, data mining, EA optimisation, fuzzy logic and Bayesian classification) with supporting wizards.

Cognitive services

You can plug in cognitive services, machine learning, IoT data, interactive voice and RPA. External AI/cognitive services will appear native via open integration, including NLP, sentiment analysis, image recognition and deep learning.


It has autonomous and collaborative modes. The silent mode is a transactional web service (containerised), which is consumed by host architectures for real-time decisions. The interactive mode enables natural language conversations with humans to be conducted via voice, touch or text, driven by the underlying inference engine and executed through any channel (Slack, App, Skype, Bot Portal etc.)

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We have SSL encryption and use external penetration testing (Web Application Security Assessment) conducted by the National Computing Centre. Our platform has password protected developer access and privacy settings to keep your data safe. It can be hosted in the cloud or on-site. When hosted locally, it sits within your network and behind the relevant firewalls.

Integration & configuration

Our applications are designed to complement existing systems, not replace them. As such, existing software assets can continue to be utilised and optimised.

We integrate with most mainstream software (e.g. Microsoft, Salesforce) through REST-based APIs, with third party build tools, and mobile app and cross-platform frameworks.

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