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Our automation platform is used to build and train Digital Experts with intelligent skills. Digital Experts can be built in days and deployed into organisations, like yours, to start work immediately on complex business tasks.

The intelligent skills of a Digital Expert

Complex Decision Making
Complex problem solving

The ability to apply human-like reasoning, using explicit domain knowledge in combination with real-time data analysis and AI, to turn complex problems into explainable decisions, actions and controls

Planning Sequencing
Planning & sequencing

The ability to carry out the optimal allocation of resources in space (physical/digital) and time (schedule) to meet given business requirements while respecting operational constraints

Process Optimisation
Monitor & control

The ability to monitor abnormal or sub-optimal performance of process & plant and to advise on human actions or to apply automated control to improve plant uptime and improve process performance

Integrated Collaboration
Integrated collaboration

The ability to engage and assist customers and to allow the digital and human workforce to collaborate intelligently to solve problems by holding conversations through multiple channels.


The ability to combine learning from both humans AND data; using machine learning of historic data to improve predictability, and capturing multiple cycles of human experience, reasoning and judgment

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How you build is as important as what you build


Enable non technical business analysts and process owners to become citizen AI developers and data scientists with our low-code automation platform


Extend Intelligent Skills by plugging in cognitive services, machine learning, IoT data, interactive voice and RPA to connect people, plant and process


Replicate Digital Experts to enterprise scale without the time and cost of recruitment, driving consistency of decisions, interactions and service


Provide an audit trail for every decision with explainable business logic, allowing for continuous improvement with ease and speed of maintenance

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Intelligent Automation Platform

Our Intelligent Automation platform provides a rich suite of capabilities to develop the intelligent skills required by your Digital workforce. Build, test, deploy and performance manage your Digital Experts in a simple, graphical low-code environment.

Decision Modelling

A rich suite of build tools for capturing the decision making logic of human experts as trees, tasks and flows

GA Optimisation

Optimise multiple input variables to achieve a balance of decision outcomes using genetic algorithms

Machine Learning

Machine Learning to produce explainable decision trees from data for process insights and predictability


Embed script objects into decision flows for calculations & integration, supporting Javascript or XpertScript

Cognitive Assistant

Deploy as a Cognitive Agent to hold dynamic human conversations with NLP through multiple channels

Enterprise Data integration

Integrate and consume data from Enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP and streaming IoT data

Cognitive Service integration

Drag & drop Cognitive 'AI' services from the Intelligent Cloud platforms; Azure, AWS, Google, IBM

Robotic Process integration

Extend the RPA automation scope by adding Intelligent Skills with seamless, synchronised integration

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