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Planning Assessment

Planning officers’ time is at a premium. Our planning assessment automation framework is used to help them offload tasks and optimise their time, making it easier for them to increase the volume and quality of their outputs.

Web Planning Assessment


Our framework validates planning applications, checking them and any supporting information to ensure they comply with the relevant policies and rules. If not, the framework’s virtual agent notifies the applicant and advises them what further information is required, removing this task from the planning officer’s remit.

It checks planning constraints in the area and, where appropriate, triggers further investigations and feeds pertinent information into the site survey task list.

The framework produces planning notices and checks any incoming consultation responses for reference to material considerations, and feeds these into the site survey task list.

It pools together all the relevant application-specific information and creates a tailored best practice process for each site visit, listing all the potential issues and subsequent checks required, optimising the efficiency of site visits.

Finally, the framework collates key information from the application, constraints, consultation and site survey, and uses them to generate the final decision report. The planning officer simply needs to review the report and add their insights to it.

Key Benefits

  1. Tackle backlogs
  2. Secure business continuity 
  3. Improve return on investment

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