08 Jun, 2018· read

Logistics optimisation with Diageo

Diageo produces some 60 whisky brands. Meeting the blending requirements of all the brands requires a huge variety of different factors - recipes (tightly guarded by master brewers), site resources, cask locations, cask profiles, weather and much more. 


The challenge

Diageo wanted to maximise operational efficiency of their warehouses without compromising on the quality of their whiskey.

However, with just one of Diageo’s warehouses alone housing around 3 million casks, the challenge was huge!


We developed a system using a combination of intelligent automation technologies - knowledge modelling, GA optimisation and machine learning - to optimise the selection of the strict requirements of the different blending processes. 

Information held on the blending requirements and programs are passed to the system, which works out the best combinations of stocks to produce the blends, whilst considering constraints such as warehouse capacity, work in progress and cask positions.


- The incidence of non-productive cask movements plummeted from 50% to a negligible level of 4%

- Cask handling rates doubled

- Workers were released to concentrate on higher value work

- The new system enabled the planning of long-term maintenance programs

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