20 Apr, 2020· read

Intelligent Risk Automation

Risk is constantly changing, but all too often appetite metrics struggle to keep pace. By automating risk management, changes in conditions and new risks are identified much faster, enabling insurers to reduce their exposure straight away.

Web Intelligent Risk Automation


Our automation framework has risk scenarios, regulatory guidance, expertise and rules mapped into it, so that as incoming data is fed into the system, changes relevant to risk levels are immediately recognised.

Through machine learning capabilities, the insurance risk framework will learn over time, identifying new patterns as they occur.

When changes relevant to risk strategy are recognised, the framework’s virtual agent contacts the risk manager with a recommendation as to the measures needed to avoid exposure, and a rationale for the recommendation – all in accordance with industry regulations and the insurer’s own policies.

Key Benefits

  1. Capture & apply expertise
  2. More insight from data
  3. Reduce human error

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