XpertRule Delivers on Enabling AI Powered Digital Advisors

Viabl.ai Combines Advanced Digital Decisioning Capabilities with Conversational AI in New Low Code Development Platform


London — May 12, 2021 — Enabling enterprises to drive their intelligent automation ambitions even further, XpertRule (XR) today announced the launch of its Digital Advisors solution enabling clients to easily automate complex decision making and sophisticated customer/employee interactions. The patented software powers deep conversations with employees, customers and partners by digitally capturing, mining, and automating even the most complex of decision-making processes.

Digital Advisors offer a new level of automation through conversational decisioning that turns every agent into the best agent and allows a deeper, more tailored self-service customer experience across web, chat, voice and mobile channels. These Digital Advisors are powered by Viabl.ai, a unified low-code digital decisioning platform, that can easily automate front/back-office applications—either attended or unattended. Viabl.ai supports a native NLP conversational interface that can also drive any third-party digital assistant or chatbot. All this make Digital Advisors the ideal solution for accelerating, improving and extending automation of contact center operations and customer self-service.

“The ability to generate more data-driven decision making and automate complex customer interactions is a game changer in the world of contact center operations,” says Melissa O’Brien, VP of Research at HFS, a leading intelligent automation research firm. “XpertRule empowers agents by improving their ability to perform more complicated tasks and ultimately to service the customer better.  Viabl.ai also aligns with our OneOffice vision where both front and back-office processes work seamlessly together.”

Digital Advisors are set to transform customer experiences by:

  • Linking front and back-office operations and driving complex conversations with employees, agents and customers.
  • Digitally capturing expertise and executing on business-critical knowledge that directly impacts business performance, including risk assessment, regulatory compliance, complex selling, problem resolution, resource planning, customer retention, and standard operating procedures.
  • Providing a consistent experience across all digital channels.
  • Using machine learning to enhance automated decisioning with predictive analytics and decision mining.
  • Supercharging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots as well as digital assistants to push automation boundaries further.
  • Integrating with Google Cloud AI, Azure Cognitive Services, AWS, Salesforce and other cognitive services through built in API connectors.
  • Providing decision mining (machine learning) capabilities, which complements process mining.

“This is the next step in the evolution of intelligent automation. These capabilities are groundbreaking because they make both conversational AI and machine learning (ML) accessible to a mainstream business audience,” says Akeel Attar, CEO and Founder of XpertRule. “The beauty of Viabl.ai is the way it can capture, learn and optimize organizational decision-making and deliver that expertise digitally. It amplifies the impact automation projects can have within an organization because every business decision can be captured, audited and optimized.”

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About XpertRule (XR)

XpertRule is a leading software developer and provider of intelligent automation solutions, which incorporate multiple AI capabilities to streamline and enhance the decision-making process. Founded by AI pioneers and visionaries, the company’s Viabl.ai software makes it easy to automate complex decisions and customer interactions through conversational AI digital decision-making. XpertRule’s customers have used Viabl.ai at scale in many sectors including financial services, manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, and public sector. The company’s goal is to deliver on the promise of intelligent automation. To learn more visit www.xpertrule.com.


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