Taking RPA to the Next Level with NEOOPS

Taking RPA to the Next Level with NEOOPS

by Alex Bentley, CRO at XpertRule


Last month we announced a partnership with NEOOPS aimed at taking automation to the “next level”.  Both companies share a common vision of bringing human and digital workforces together to automate the most complex workflows from end-to-end. This is what Gartner calls “hyperautomation”, and it relies on the ability to truly capture, learn and optimize organizational decision-making and deliver that expertise digitally. That’s why this partnership matters.

We are on the cusp of delivering a new wave of intelligent automation capabilities that will see the convergence of several AI technologies including digital decisioning, conversational AI, and machine learning. In a recent webinar, with my colleague Zdenek Kabatek, Head of Professional Services at NEOOPS, we discuss where all this was going. By outlining the challenges, trends and solutions, we examine what it takes to deliver meaningful enterprise automation. Here’s a quick summary of what we discussed, along with a link to the webinar:


  • Extending what’s possible with current RPA technology. Going beyond tactical, repetitive and transactional automation.
  • Scaling intelligent automation initiatives (bridging across IT silos).
  • Tackling complexity (speeding up workflows that require deeper user interactions while providing end-to-end automation).
  • Support for end-to-end digital workflows delivering a real-time and unified 360-degree view of all customer interactions.
  • How to integrate XpertRule’s Viabl.ai platform with process mining tools such as Celonis and ABBYY Timeline.


Webinar Link to Enabling Hyperautomation: How Decision-Driven Automation Unlocks Value

This is just the beginning of our journey with NEOOPS. Together we plan deliver unprecedented automation and intelligent digital decisioning capabilities. Ones that automate decisions made by knowledge workers, unifying both front and back-office operations, resulting in greater efficiencies and operational agility. And above all else, ones that place an intelligent digital decisioning platform (like Viabl.ai), at the peak of the automation food chain, which is where XpertRule stands. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

For more information please visit: xpertrule.com