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Capturing Expertise Without Needing to be a Data Scientist

Getting Customer Engagements Right Through Decision Powered Interactions
By Akeel Attar, CEO and Founder of XpertRule

Inflation is wreaking havoc on the economy making everything more expensive from petrol to buying groceries. The consequences are driving up default rates for consumer borrowing including credit cards and mortgages, even personal bankruptcy. Recent figures from the Bank of England show they expect a rise in the number…

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Decision Engineering at the Heart of Intelligent Automation

By Akeel Attar, CEO & Founder of XpertRule

Decision Engineering is the task of translating, capturing, and replicating people’s expertise and decision-making skills into low code/no code software representations. Enabling this to happen requires a “Decision Intelligence” platform that can support a variety of decision representations depending on the nature of the expertise being automated. Today, most decisioning…

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Taking RPA to the Next Level with NEOOPS

Taking RPA to the Next Level with NEOOPS by Alex Bentley, CRO at XpertRule   Last month we announced a partnership with NEOOPS aimed at taking automation to the “next level”.  Both companies share a common vision of bringing human and digital workforces together to automate the most complex…

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Automation Visionary Andrew Shapcott Joins XpertRule

Automation Visionary Andrew Shapcott Joins XpertRule to Accelerate Growth in the Customer Service and Financial Services Sectors   London — March 8, 2022 XpertRule (XR), a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions, which incorporate multiple AI capabilities to streamline and enhance any decision-making process, today announced the appointment of…

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XpertRule & NEOOPS form Partnership

XpertRule & NEOOPS form partnership to accelerate intelligent automation project for clients   London — March 2, 2022 XpertRule (XR) and NEOOPS today announced a partnership that helps bring human and digital workforces together by automating complex workflows requiring decisioning and deep user interactions. NEOOPS, a boutique consulting…

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Why Data is the Catalyst to Achieving Net Zero

We are at a crossroads as a society. Our appetite for consuming fossil fuels can no longer go unchecked. We must find better ways of decarbonizing the manufacturing sector to avoid the apocalyptic outcomes that scientists are predicting. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. A more sustainable path forward…

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