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Execution automation to tackle the skills shortage

The concept of Intelligent Automation (IA) is evolving, from its starting point that was basic transaction automation using RPA, to Execution Automation (EA) using a combination of productivity mining and Symbolic AI. Execution Automation will go a long way towards addressing the skills shortage that many industries are experiencing in the post Covid world.

In this article, Akeel Attar, CEO at XpertRule, Adam Bujak, CEO at and Sarah Burnett, Chief Technology Evangelist at, describe the new concept and their solution to turn EA into reality.  …

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XpertRule and announce new joint solution to address the enterprise skills shortage

Manchester & Cologne, Thursday 13 October 2022: and XpertRule announce Knowledge Automator, a new joint solution offered as part of their strategic partnership, to integrate the Productivity Mining technology with the XpertRule Decisions Execution Automation platform. The result is Knowledge Automator, which transforms the process intelligence generated by…

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Time to put your data to work?

Is access to more and complex data slowing productivity?
XpertRule VP, Deepak Karwal, believes it is and there are ways to stop it.

In a recent conversation with a potential customer, they highlighted that their mortgage underwriters had seen a drop in applications processed from over 6 to an anaemic 2-3 applications in a typical working day. Whether this is representative of the wider US mortgage market remains to be seen, however, this…

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Finding Your Sustainability Balance

By Iain Crosley, Director of Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

I recently travelled down from Scotland to the Northwest of England and then on to the Midlands. What I found most striking was seeing how the countryside turns from green to yellow to dust as I progressed south. The signs of drought and climate change are unavoidable these days. Not…

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How to Digitally Capture & Scale Expertise from Knowledge Workers

Delivering a Better Customer Experience Through AI Powered Digital Decisioning

Employee attrition is at an all-time high, which will undoubtedly create headaches for organizations of all sizes trying to deliver a decent customer experience. The expertise which is the life blood of any organization is leaking. The agents and knowledge workers vital to ensuring a positive customer experience must be…

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The Rise of the Intelligent Digital Cobots

By Akeel Attar, CEO and Founder of XpertRule

XpertRule recently developed an intelligent cobot performance monitoring system for a client in the manufacturing sector. An industrial cobot for the uninitiated is a “collaborative robot”, intended to work with direct human interaction within a shared space, or in close proximity of humans making their jobs easier by completing…

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