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The hitchhiker’s pocket guide to the AI powered automation galaxy

Having travelled the AI powered automation galaxy for the last 35 years, I wanted to share with my fellow travellers some of the practical navigational experiences that I gained in the course of my journey. I have tried to keep this guide as brief as possible with a comprehensive map…

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Decision Automation – the engine room of AI automation

I believe that we are now witnessing what Gartner calls the peak of inflated expectations relating to the Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Cognitive computing hype. The hype has caused confusion in the market and is leaving behind many disillusioned early adopters. The irony in all this is…

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Expertise automation – the missing link in RPA-AI based intelligent automation

It is now widely accepted that the RPA enabled digital workforce represents the catalyst or the gateway drug (phrase coined by HFS Research) to AI powered Intelligent Automation (IA). This clearly implies that the adoption of AI is critical to the success of IA. However, there is a misconception that…

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