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Our decision engine optimally generates the next question/reply to present to the user, based on the captured domain expert’s knowledge

Typically as quickly as you the expert is able to provide the required domain knowledge

There is virtually no limit to the complexity of the human domain expertise that can be captured.

Viabl can run off anything from a raspberry pi to a mobile phone.

You only need RPA if your automation solution require integrations with any legacy systems for which is there is no published API

Our decision engine can integrate with RPA in two ways, either by the RPA invoking our decision engine as a REST web service or, by our decision engine calling the RPA by injecting a task into an RPA queue.

We can run applications with or without web access.

Pretty fast. We can undertake hundreds of decisions or automated processes per minute.


We use a combination of decision trees, rules, decision flows, lookup tables, decision tables, and adaptive sequence flows to make decisions within a cognitive automation process.

Viabl is as scalable as you want it to be. We offer unlimited deployments, users, workflows and rules, and multi-tenanted deployment. We can utilise Docker Cloud or Elastic load balancer (e.g. AWS)

We use SSL encryption, external pen testing, password protected developer access & privacy settings to keep your data safe.

We can use voice, text, documents, database, API, streaming data, sensor as part of an intelligent automation process.

Our platform integrates with mobile app and cross-platform frameworks, RPA, and third party build tools and through APIs

Yes. Viabl contains machine learning AI, so each time you undertake an automated process, your decision-making becomes more accurate. The platform enables the creation of applications that utilise supervised learning, but can offer unsupervised learning if required.

Machine learning occurs via explainable decision trees from data, discovering performance patterns in data sets, generating models for performance optimisation, and predictive analytics.

No, but you can integrate our platform and an existing RPA system together to add intelligence to the existing RPA system.

Based in the heart of Salford

Salford Innovation Forum,
51 Frederick Road,
Salford M6 6FP

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