11 Sep, 2018· read

Technical support with a European telecommunications company

With thousands of technical support enquiries every day, this major European telecommunications provider relies on its enterprise-strength knowledge-authoring environment, delivered by XpertRule, to underpin its primary customer care tool.

Telecom Provider


The business case for using XpertRule was primarily to consolidate the knowledge authoring environment to make their knowledge authors more efficient, and to easily share best practice.

The development environment can maintain thousands of technical support questions and the related advisory, diagnostic, and trouble-shooting models to best support customer enquires.

Each knowledge author can work on their own area of expertise whilst sharing questions and best practise resolution with their colleagues. The graphical and structured knowledge representation speeds the process of capturing and maintaining the knowledge as the products and services evolve.


Fast, consistent and quality judgment across all areas of support

Expert knowledge is retained

Increase in agent satisfaction

Increase in first call resolution

Increase in customer satisfaction

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