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Credit risk assessment with Neurotech

Neurotech, a benchmark company in Brazil on leading edge tools and technology for risk management, and Witrisk, a leading consulting company in the credit market intelligence and risk management, formed an alliance to develop a platform to cover the entire cycle of risk management. The aim was to revolutionize the market and capitalise on the expansion of the credit industry in Brazil.

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Neurotech developed a solution using our intelligent automation technology to automate the decision processes which support credit risk management. This included dynamic workflow, policy rules automation, decision automation and an intelligent UI. At the end of the information and decision flow, recommended decisions and reporting information can be displayed to the credit analyst for final manual confirmation.

We created a new package for risk management, with integrated intelligence and technology, monitored by experts. This will revolutionize the market

The benefits

- Automation of the integration and access to hundreds external information sources.

- Visible, understandable decision logic providing a clear audit trail to credit management decisions.

- Improved, consistent decision making in credit, billing fraud and collection processes.

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