07 Sep, 2018· read

Credit risk assessment with Neurotech

Neurotech, a benchmark company in Brazil on leading edge tools and technology for risk management, and Witrisk, a leading consulting company in the credit market intelligence and risk management, formed an alliance to develop a platform to cover the entire cycle of risk management.


The challenge

The partnership aimed to revolutionise the existing market and capitalise on the expansion of the credit industry in Brazil. 

The solution

Using our intelligent automation platform Neurotech automated the decision processes which support credit risk management - using dynamic workflows, knowledge modelling and intelligent UIs. 

The developed system is able to make complex assessments on credit risk and when required, collaborate with human credit analysts for final manual confirmation.

We have used the XR platform for many years in our business - credit analysis. It has been proved to be highly flexible, stable and productive and is used in our products by customers all over Brazil

The benefits

An audit trail for every credit decision with explainable business logic, allowing for continuous improvement with ease and speed of maintenance

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